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How to Read Your BG5 Career Map in Human Design language Part 2

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The Paradox of Free Will and No Choice

What do you mean, no choice?

“Choicelessness is our grace.” Ra Uru Hu What do you mean, isn’t this a world where there’s free will? That’s somewhat of a delicious paradox, and leads me into talking about the biggest thing holding you back – YOUR MIND.

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Human Design System – The Mandala’s Quarters and Godheads

Human Design System Rave Mandala Quarters

by Andrea Abay-Abay One of the most inspiring moments for me in contemplating Human Design’s Rave Mandala was discovering how beautifully it all fits together. When you grasp the hexagram wheel structure and understand what it says about the theme

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My Human Design Educational Journey

My Human Design Study Materials

A 3/5 Energy Projector with Emotional Authority on the Cross of Contagion’s Personal Perspective* by Andrea Abay-Abay   The journey I’m inspired to share is one of personal inquiry and experimentation using the most powerful tool for the awakening process

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