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The Paradox of Free Will and No Choice

What do you mean, no choice?

“Choicelessness is our grace.” Ra Uru Hu What do you mean, isn’t this a world where there’s free will? That’s somewhat of a delicious paradox, and leads me into talking about the biggest thing holding you back – YOUR MIND.

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Intro to Human Design SlideShare Presentation for Projectors

Intro to Human Design for Projectors

Human Design Intro for Projectors from Andrea Abay-Abay This is a SlideShare I was inspired to create to Introduce Human Design to Projectors, I hope you enjoy it.

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Basic Human Design Concepts – What is the Not-Self?

What is Conditioning?

by Andrea Abay-Abay Originally published on JovianArchive.com The first seven years of life is a time when you received intense conditioning. Conditioning is a natural and normal process that happens throughout your life. Knowing how the outside world conditions you,

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My Human Design Awakening Part 4

My Human Design Awakening Continues… The awareness and release from the constant pressure of conditioned behavior is a relief beyond words.  That pressure that I have felt all my life to prove that I am capable, that I am worthy,

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