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The Paradox of Free Will and No Choice

What do you mean, no choice?

“Choicelessness is our grace.” Ra Uru Hu What do you mean, isn’t this a world where there’s free will? That’s somewhat of a delicious paradox, and leads me into talking about the biggest thing holding you back – YOUR MIND.

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Welcome to My Human Design Experiment

Ra Uru Hu Quote Human Design is about making Decisions as Yourself

Hi. I’m Andrea Abay-Abay, a 3/5 Emotionally Defined Projector who is experimenting with Human Design.       Understanding my Human Design has been a personal journey of discovery unlike anything else in it’s ability to help me uncover the fulfilling

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My Human Design Awakening Part 5

My Human Design Awakening Continues… For 35 years I worked hard at making my life a success, wanting to accept and love myself, but looking in the mirror with unconditional love was just not possible.  Rejection of self is a

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My Human Design Experiment – the Beginning

I am a “3/5 Energy Projector with an Emotional Inner Authority on the Right Angle Cross of Contagion”. To most of the world, this is gobbledygook. I myself am just beginning to understand what this means. However, I am passionate

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