Payment Plans

For prospective Human Design Students in Need of Payment Plans

If you are interested in taking my Living Your Design Awakening program but cannot afford to pay for the course up front because of any of the following reasons:
You are unemployed
You are disabled or retired with minimal income
You are a full time student without additional income
You are only employed part time and you are seeking more education or training
You are a single parent with low income or a full time “stay at home” parent with limited income
You are experiencing a financial, career, or health related crisis or transitional period and have limited income

Consider applying for a name your own fee payment plan. If you are experiencing a challenge not listed here, feel free to email me about your situation (use the form below) and I will contact you to provide proof of limited income if you are selected.

Intro to Human Design for Projectors

Human Design for Projectors

How My Payment Plans Work

  • At the start of each new program I  invite one or two Projectors to participate
  • Need-based tuition plan allows you to name your weekly tuition and you pay $50 less than full tuition. 
  • To inquire, fill out the form below and indicate why you need the assistance, which course you’d like to enroll in, and the weekly amount you can afford.

First Name
Last Name
Email *
HD Chart Image URL
Describe your situation
Describe what you can afford or trade
What Human Design resources, classes or readings have you done?
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One comment on “Payment Plans
  1. Tehya Whitehawk says:

    I’m a 2/4 projector with emotional authority and I feel that learning and participating in this experiment is huge in my life’s purpose. I have felt very connected to you from the very first video I watched, and I believe I am meant to learn from you at this point. I feel kind of freakishly obsessed with HD in some ways, and have not been so compelled to do anything in years.

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