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Living Your Design Awakening Experience for Projectors

Designed for Projectors who would like my Guidance in group interaction over two months, with a year of monthly follow-up support. See Living Your Projector Design FLYER.
Next program begins September 11th at noon Pacific! First class recording free here.

Nine more live classes to follow, plus you get a bonus of two recorded webinars on How We Connect and How to Live Your Projector Design.

Pay now to reserve your spot, space is limited.

Recommended: An overview or foundation reading

Required Reading: Living Your Human Design Student Manual by Lynda Bunnell, available at your National Human Design Organization

Living Your Projector Design Awakening

Sign up for the next Living Your Design Awakening Program just for Projectors.

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Group fee is $397, you can fill out the form and pay in full on the next page, or apply for a payment plan option to suit any budget.

13 comments on “Sign up to learn how to Live Your Projector Human Design!
  1. May Helen Freim says:

    When does the next LYD Projector Awakening Program start?

    Best regards
    May Helen

    • Andrea Abay-Abay says:

      Hi May,

      I’m so sorry this got caught in my spam filter. The next program starts this Saturday, only 2 spaces left.

  2. Nigel Be says:

    Hi will the rest of the course allow for interaction during the sessions, asking questions etc?
    And will sessions be recorded and available after if you have to miss a live session?
    Is there an outline I can review of what is covered in the 8 week course ?
    Is there a social network, FB group for connecting with other projectors etc?


    • Andrea Abay-Abay says:

      Hi Nigel,
      Thanks for your questions. Yes, the rest of the course is live. Format for each session: first hour is lecture and the second half hour is questions while we look at each other’s charts and the charts of our loved ones. All sessions are recorded in case you miss it, yes. Also at the moment you can choose to just chat or even share your webcam if you want to connect more personally with us.
      Here is a course outline:
      Session 1 – Introductions, Course Overview (Logistics, Homework, Q & A)
      Session 2 – The Pressure Centers – Head & Root
      Session 3 – The Splenic & Ajna Awareness Centers
      Session 4 – The Solar Plexus, Ego and Sacral Centers
      Session 5 – The G Center, Throat Center
      Session 6 – Definition Examples, Kinds of Authorities & Authority Hierarchy
      Session 7 – Manifestors, Generators
      Session 8 – Reflectors, Projectors

      We do have a private FB group only for course participants, currently about 22 Projectors of all kinds there. You’ll be able to attend a monthly AMA “Ask Me Anything” webinar free for course finishers for 1 year.
      My LYD course also includes a free one-on-one follow up with me on Skype when paid in full before the start date, and the session is valid from 1-3 months after course completion.

  3. Hello Andrea

    Thank you so much for everything you have shared with me so far. I’m not sure if there is a course coming up that I can join, or if the private option is the only one available at this time.

    I sent you an email with by Bodygraph (and my husband’s – I’m Splenic Projector, he’s Self-Projected), and some particular questions that are really on top for me about my design right now.

    I hope to get the chance to connect with you.

    Christy Rose

    • Andrea Abay-Abay says:

      Hi Christy,

      I’ll be starting another group class here in two weeks, if you’d like to join us you are most welcome! <3

  4. Vijay Goss says:

    Aloha Andrea, I really enjoyed your introduction, felt my G moving. When is the next LYD course?

    • Andrea Abay-Abay says:

      Hey Vijay!

      Sorry for the delay on replying, good thing there’s Facebook. Really great to have you and getting to know you in class! <3

  5. Pat Fealy says:

    Hello Andrea,
    Will your projector classes be offered again in the near future? I am definitely interested, but I just found out about this tonight and I have a full schedule tomorrow that I cannot change. I will check in again in the morning.
    Thank You,
    Pat Fealy

    • Andrea Abay-Abay says:

      Hi Pat,

      Have the next Projector class starting in a few weeks, and then in September I’ll be starting up another one. I’ll remember to invite you on Facebook when I have a solid date! <3

  6. Lisa says:

    I would like to join the next class. If I am not available for part of the live class, will I be able to access it later as a recording?
    also I will be out of the country for most of October. Will I be missing a lot if I join this time or should I wait until the next one?

    • Andrea Abay-Abay says:

      Hi Lisa,

      All classes are recorded, yes you can access them. If you are one of those people who has the interest level and willpower to listen on your own and write in your questions or share via the forum, you could join us now and not be missing a ton as long as you participate on your end. But waiting might be helpful if you do better with live interaction.

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