Private Living Your Design Awakening Program

Ready to begin your Human Design Experiment?

You’re Invited to Experiment with your Human Design

An Invitation to a Private Living Your Design Awakening Program with Andrea

Would you like to journey through a Living Your Design Awakening Program with me? If you resonate with the way I teach and are reading this, I’d like to invite you to consider signing up if you are ready to begin your Human Design Experiment.

A Living Your Design Awakening Transformation is a journey of discovery that informs your awakening to your true nature.

If you choose this private one-on-one journey, you are given the flexibility to schedule your program when it is convenient for you.

This Awakening Program is the beginning of the Foundation Courses that qualify you to take the upper levels in Human Design to become a Certified Professional. It is the only course in all of Human Design that is designed to help facilitate your awakening to the reliable energy that defines who you are in this life. It is designed for the layperson, but is also a solid introduction for anyone who wants to get into becoming a Human Design professional.

The Living Your Design Awakening Program guides you through a journey of discovery of the Human Design Rave bodygraph, to understand the nature of the 9 Centers, both defined and undefined. We’ll also cover the concepts of Aura Type, Strategy and Authority. Projectors learn about the world and themselves best through understanding others, and therefore, in this customized program we’ll take a look at the people in your life that you spend the most time with – generally your immediate family. What this does is give you a heightened awareness and understanding of yourself and others.

The investment for my Private Living Your Design Awakening Program for Projectors is $997 (payments available, email to inquire).


$397 Value

Your Advanced Human Design Chart Report and lifetime membership in our PRIVATE Projector Facebook group for more Human Design Resources, to network, share, ask questions and support each other in our Human Design Experiments  


$125 Value

One month after completion of this program you may schedule your optional one-on-one follow up session. For emotionally defined people in particular, this bonus session is helpful to have, to answer private questions that come up after the class completion. Optional – free hour bonus offer expires 3 months from class completion.   


$528 Value

All participants may join my online Projector Mentoring Program. These are monthly AMA’s (ask me anything) webinars, designed to support you in Living Your Design. Only Projectors who have completed an LYD are able to attend at a cost of $44 per session. You attend free for 12 months!

Available privately online or in-person over select weekends for $997 (near Mount Shasta California) includes complimentary attendance in a live group LYD plus a year of experiment support total of $1478 in bonuses!

An Overview or Foundation reading is suggested, and Course Materials are required. Please purchase the Living Your Design Student Manual at Human Design America or your National Human Design Organization. We suggest you read this book 2 weeks prior to beginning your Private LYD Program.

Ready to book your private journey? Email me at andrea(at)humandesignprojectors(dot)com with your birth information or chart and any questions or concerns so that I can determine if I can be of service. Here is a quick video on how to share your Human Design Chart using

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