A Call to Live Your Design – Living Your Human Design Awakening Course for Projectors

Below is an excerpt of the first Session of my latest Living Your Design Awakening Transformation for Projectors, where I talk about the Projector Aura as well as the benefits I’ve seen in my Human Design Experiment.

As an Internationally Certified Human Design Guide, I offer the Living Your Design Awakening Transformation specifically for Projectors.

This program is your first step on the path to either becoming any kind of certified Human Design Professional, or just learning for your own benefit about how to live your design. LYD is the only program designed for the public at large, and I specialize in guiding fellow Projectors through it, with dozens of successful participants.

Designed for Projectors who would like my support and group interaction for one session per week over two months, a one-on-one follow-up session with me, plus optional support/study groups included. Next group interest list forming now!


$397 Value

Your Advanced Human Design Chart Report and lifetime membership in our PRIVATE Projector Facebook group for more Human Design Resources, to network, share, ask questions and support each other in our Human Design Experiment.  


$125 Value

One month after completion of this program you may schedule your optional one-on-one follow up session. For emotionally defined people in particular, this bonus session is helpful to have, to answer private questions that come up after the class completion. Optional – free hour bonus offer expires 3 months from class completion.   


$528 Value

All participants may join my online Projector Mentoring Program. These are monthly AMA’s (ask me anything) webinars, designed to support you in Living Your Design. Only Projectors who have completed an LYD are able to attend at a cost of $44 per session. You attend free for 12 months!

Join other Projectors for this Program and get a whole year of peer support and my Guidance in your Human Design Experiment.

The Human Design Bodygraph is copyrighted by Jovian Archive Media Inc., used with permission. Get your own Bodygraph at http://www.MyBodygraph.com

Comments? Feedback? Please post below and feel free to connect for more Human Design!

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