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Human Design Projectors are those who have the gift of recognizing, and of mastering systems. Blessed with the ability to learn to be wise about the management of energy as they do not have consistent energy themselves, they are here to guide others. Through recognition of their talents and when formally invited to share their wisdom, when their inner authority has been honored, Projectors guide through the ability to ask the right questions.

How to Live Your Projector Design in Career, Work and Business

How is a Projector is here to be successful, particularly in the work world? Short on time? Skip to minute 17:50 to get to the good stuff about YOU, fellow Advisor. 😉 For more details on how you personally are

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Living Your Projector Design


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Intro to Human Design SlideShare Presentation for Projectors

Intro to Human Design for Projectors

Human Design Intro for Projectors from Andrea Abay-Abay This is a SlideShare I was inspired to create to Introduce Human Design to Projectors, I hope you enjoy it.

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Living Your Design Awakening Program for Projectors

Human Design System Guide

Do you want to learn why and how to experiment with the mechanical keys that unlock your individual unique potential? Practical tips and strategies for living your design will be included that are specific to Projectors throughout this experience. Andrea

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