About Human Design Projectors

Human Design Projectors

Welcome Projectors!

About Human Design Projectors


Dedicated to informing the awakening process of Human Design Projectors


The Human Design Projectors website is where you’ll find information that is helpful for and about Projectors.

As Projectors, you are here to recognize. You need to get your mind out of your life because otherwise you can't use it for what it's here for. You're here to see. - Ra Uru Hu

Projectors are here to see

As a Projector myself I speak from the standpoint of one Projector to another, communicating what I know when inspired.

Everything of interest to Projectors is what I hope to discuss here.

My focus is on the foundations of The Human Design System as taught by Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design.

Human Design Bodygraph
Andrea Abay-Abay’s Human Design

Human Design videos, blog posts, educational resources, articles and more can be featured with as much regularity as this 3/5 deconditioning energy Projector can commit to!

Thanks for reading – please feel free to email me if you have questions.






4 comments on “About Human Design Projectors
  1. yossi kotler says:

    hello Andrea

    my name is yossi kotler
    i am from Israel
    and i am an emotional projector 1\3
    and i am also LYD guide 🙂

    love your activity in facebook


    • admin says:

      Hi Yossi!

      Welcome to my website, thanks for commenting! I sent you a friend invite on Facebook; when you accept I’ll invite you to our LYD Guides Resource group as well. =)

  2. Yeshe says:

    I am a mental projector and I’m unclear how that means I relate to the world ?

    • admin says:

      Generally speaking, it means that you are a highly specialized being here with the potential to develop incredible wisdom about one person at a time through the mastery of a system with which to understand them and who they are, and provide your advice when they invite you to guide them.

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