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Donald Trump’s

Human Design Chart Analysis

Jack of All Trades, Master of None?

“Trump is designed to be a deep and powerful source of Hope and energy to lead the tribes in building our world and manifesting a better future. Can he do it with clarity and bring about Eden? Or will he lead the nation into Crisis that will have a global impact?” by Andrea Abay-Abay


~ Keynoting by me over an original picture credit Slate.com)

The name, Donald Trump immediately conjures emotion—ranging from admiration and hope to disgust and loathing. And it’s no wonder; he’s emotional.

You can spot a deeply conditioned emotional person easily. When they’re in the peaks or valleys of their wave of hope to pain, it’s unmistakable. They’re charging around making decisions exactly when they shouldn’t—either when elated at the high end, or when in agony at the low end.

All emotional beings set the mood frequency of the environment, so we depend on them to be clear. We need more emotional people to wake up and cease sending chaos into the world for non-emotional people to amplify and distort.

Emotional people are all too familiar with guilt and shame. Without awareness, emotional beings tend to make spontaneous decisions that can have horrible consequences. When the extremes of their waves have passed, they have to live with the results of their emotionally-induced actions.

Donald Trump is a Generator with Manifesting Potential…

…aka “Express Builder”

There is only one channel that creates a pure Manifesting Generator; that’s the 20/34, the Channel of Charisma, connecting the Sacral center directly to the Throat center. To be correct, Trump is a Generator with Manifesting potential. He would be known as an “Express Builder” in the career language of BG5. BG5 is the business side of Human Design Analysis.

Like all Express Builders, Trump is here to experience satisfaction. His energetic presence is designed to attract others. Non-verbally he envelops those around him with a powerful pull. Express Builders can be highly impatient to make things happen, to “Just Do It.” Their decision making strategy is to engage with what and who moves towards them first, rather than initiating. Since Trump is emotionally defined, he can make the right choice at the right time if he trusts his Solar Plexus.

What does this mean? Trump has no truth in the moment of response as an emotional being—his authentic clarity comes with time. His is a process that requires patience and familiarity with what it feels like to follow his body. Both channels that define Trump’s Emotional Authority are unconscious.

If Trump were to become President, it would be wise of him to seek a unique kind of advisor—one that knows how to ask him penetrating yes/no questions to activate his Authority. These questions are asked not with the intent of the asker to understand him, or lead him in a particular direction that the advisor believes right. Questions provide Trump to better gauge his emotional response over time.

Donald Trump’s Transitoriness

“Donald Trump (a developer and jack-of-all-trades)” Edweek.org

Donald Trump’s unconscious Sun is in Gate 36, the Gate of Crisis. This gate gives him the potential emotional depth to endure crisis and embrace change. It’s in the third line, causing Trump to be unable to let go of the past because of his feelings at times. Gate 36 meets up with its harmonic, Gate 35, the Gate of Change. It’s also in the third line and fixed in the detriment. This brings on Trump’s need to be the center for progress while ignoring other people’s importance.


Together, Gates 36 and 35 define the Channel of Transitoriness, a design of a Jack of All Trades. This manifested channel gives Trump an emotional voice, “I experience/feel,”appealing to the collective for progress and change. Transitoriness is displayed in the wide variety of Trump’s business endeavors. He just can’t help dragging others into them. Trump is choiceless in sharing these adventures.

The 35/36 is about trying out new things and penetrating the surface of new experiences. Feelings are transitory. With the rollercoaster of unconscious emotions this channel brings, Trump is a slave to his desires for new endeavors which he feels will bring about progress. His channel is made up of two resonant third lines—they are his unconscious profile gates. As a result, Trump can’t help but bang into things, discovering through trial and error.

Life has its ups and downs, and when you enter into an experience with certain expectations, you can end up very angry when your expectations aren’t met! Crisis is the name of the game if Trump doesn’t use patience, responding over time and releasing expectations. Trump can find true satisfaction if he makes commitments into things for the experience itself… calmly, without nervousness. According to Human Design Psychology, Trump’s correct motivation as a Color 2 Personality is called Hope. This is in stark contrast to making spontaneous emotional decisions out of Guilt, trying to fix things (his motivational transference). Wanting to have a particular result or make a certain kind of impact leads Trump to frustration and anger.

Other Presidents with the Channel of Transitoriness

Of the most recent 35/36 President, George W. Bush (who also had this channel unconscious) Ra Uru Hu remarked he would lead us into crisis. Bush was a 5/1 Manifestor; fifth lines are projected upon to play the General and Savior in times of need. Sure enough, “With two overseas wars and a potentially catastrophic economic downturn, President George W. Bush is leaving office with some of the lowest public-approval ratings and worst assessments from historians and political scientists of any chief executive.” Boston.com


Before you get too worried, here’s a highly celebrated past President, considered to be one of the best, also with the 35/36 unconscious—Theodore Roosevelt. Teddy was a 3/5 Manifestor who won a Nobel Peace Prize. “Roosevelt was the first president to receive the Medal of Honor…. Teddy Roosevelt’s energetic vision helped bring the nation into the new century. America owes nearly 200 million acres of national forest and parkland to his foresight—some of which can be viewed atop Mount Rushmore, where Roosevelt’s visage is carved in memorial.” Biography.com

But there’s ever so much more to a person than just one channel, so let’s see what else defines the man we know as Drumf—er, Trump.

Donald Trump’s Emotional Generation of Conflict

Trump’s Unconscious Earth is in line 3 of Gate 6, the Gate of Conflict, which gives him the ability to secure the support of the tribe and create strength out of a weak position, rejecting allegiance to old forms. This gate meets up with it’s harmonic, Gate 59, the Gate of Sexuality, bringing a drive for sexual and intimate diversity. Trump as Gate 59 in line 6, “the One Night Stand.”

The 59/6 brings in the other Solar Plexus definition—a pure generated emotional authority. This is the Channel of Mating, a design Focused on Reproduction. Another unconscious definition, it gives him the consistent ability to break down barriers to achieve union. Donald Trump has an auric field that penetrates people.


The 59/6 channel controls the openness or not to intimacy. This “Mating” is about supporting the tribe with creating—whether it’s the reproductive capacity to be a fertile human or a productive businessman. In Human Design business language, the 59/6 is Interaction. Gate 59 is known as Investigation, and gate 6 is Environment. Again, because this channel creates Solar Plexus definition it is crucial that Trump learns patience to wait out his emotional waves before committing to intimate relationships or creative endeavors.

Making and breaking bonds would have been his theme of intimacy and business interaction in the first 30 years of his life, with both 59/6 gates operating as a third line. Third lines are the most material of all the lines. Trump trial and errored his way through business endeavor after business endeavor, discovering what does not work. The 3rd line is resilient; it needs to be able to break the bond with what isn’t working and picks itself up when it fails, going on to try something else. Trump clearly demonstrates the determination to figure out what does work on the material plane through what does not.

Trump’s personality energy dynamic has the power to persevere. Mars defining the Gate of Perseverance (29) in his powerful Sacral Center is exalted in the 3rd line of Evaluation—balancing out his not-self impulsiveness with the power to wait. This activation is also another place of “trial and error” learning about commitments. In the business world, this brings the energy for the group to commit to a goal and achieve it.

Is Donald Trump an Angry, Lying Control Freak…

… or Leader of the Tribes with a Killer Instinct?

A primary theme in Trump’s life is to learn to navigate and master the material plane. Fueled by the 45/21 Channel of Money, a design of a Materialist, Trump has willpower to make promises and lead. This channel is the expression of the tribe. In a large organization, the 45/21 (Education/Implementation) is management.

The Channel of Money is designed to control material security and wealth—not just within a tribe, but multiple tribes. Trump has an overwhelming drive to have (45) and control (21). It can be very hard for Trump to let go of being in control of everything. “The Donald” is over-controlling in a small group of 3-5 people—termed a Penta, which is a trans-auric form. He is not at all suited to this work environment, having no defined channels in the power column between the Sacral and the Throat. Trump is designed to lead large corporations, as we can see demonstrated in his life.


Gate 45, the Gatherer, gives Trump the voice of “I have.” Gate 45 is defined in two places in Trump’s conscious personality. First let’s discuss his north node in line 5.

Nodes of the moon are positional; nodes aren’t objects in space that affect our genetic imprinting like the rest of the planets. Rather, nodes determine the way we are connected to the larger imprint of the Maia (illusion). Your nodal activations represent the “stage” of your life where you can fulfill your purpose. However, the nodes are not you; they are what you resonate to. As not-self, you identify with the nodes as you. But you are not here to be your nodes, they are here for you to see.

Read the 5th line of Gate 45: “Leadership – All gathering together must have a center and a focus.” Trump has this line fixed in the exaltation: “The intuitive intellect and gift for innovation that enhance the group effort and ensure continuity through respect of the center. The gift for expressing leadership on the material plane.” Trump’s conscious nodal activations create a sensitivity and attunement to this material thematic—”Gathering Together” is exactly the right place for him to be to fulfill his purpose in this later stage of his life.

Trump’s Gate 45 is part of the 26/45 nodal polarity which is a very tribal, possessive environment; the voice of the people where most of us are shouting “I don’t have!” He is here to deal with this material environment and the tensions that arise between the haves and have-nots.

Interestingly, where Trump has his other Gate 45 activation is in Uranus, conscious in the 1st line, “Canvassing”. He displays an unusual way of leading/educating that comes off insecure (just scan through his tweets). Note the detriment: “An overzealousness that turns canvassing into proselytization and tends to alienate rather than gather support. The drive for material that leads to aggressive education.”

Another gate in his powerful ego is activated twice in his personality. Trump has not only his conscious South Node in Line 5 of the Gate of the Egoist (26) but in his conscious Moon as well. These activations give him the tricky salesperson’s ability which remembers what and how to sell his tribe on his product or concepts. This can range from pure exaggeration to outright lying.

“As a lifelong salesman, he has a huckster’s knack for selling a feeling, even if the ideas and facts that underscore it are spurious, racist or just plain incomprehensible.”Nerdwriter. Marketing propaganda and aggressiveness are in his environment, but that killer instinct of what can support his tribe’s survival is also his conscious driving force.

With his unconscious Mercury in Gate 21, Trump speaks about the need to be in charge of his territory, and it’s true. Trump is not here to play second fiddle in any small band. Also, as a single definition, he can operate independently. Single definition people don’t need anyone else to process and assimilate information through their design.

Why Donald Trump is so highly Opinionated

It’s no secret that Trump speaks his mind. He can’t help but share his opinions, with the 17/62 Channel of Acceptance, a design of an organizational being, defining his Ajna Center to his Throat Center. This gives him the voice of “I think” with a logical slant that may or may not have its facts straight. These are just his opinions, and Trump is here to learn that those opinions of his can only be accepted by the collective when it serves the greater good.

Trump is designed to be fixed in his opinions and express his ideas. When he’s been invited to do so, and he’s emotionally clear about their benefit to the collective, his opinions and ideas can be taken in by others successfully. Trump has Gate 11 in the fourth line of his unconscious north node; “The Teacher… Exalted: …Ideas which can attract and inform the uneducated. Detriment: …Ideas which can only be grasped by the few.” What we see most is someone known for not providing facts. This is a reason he is rejected by the educated but not by those blinded by the confidence and willpower evident in his design.


Trump’s Gate 11 offers up a brief reprieve from the seriousness of his mind wanting to be President. In the Design of Comedy, there’s the Clown, the Fool, and the Idiot. Can you guess which one Trump has? Here’s a hint: Ra called it ‘anal humor’ which can be vulgar and embarrassing, behavior that just doesn’t fit in. When looked at from this perspective, Gate 11 is about sharing obviousness and experientially odd behavior paired withphysical expressions that may be tough for others to handle. It’s an abstract sense of humor related to the solar plexus and can make people howl with laughter! Emotions sure do make an idiot out of you sometimes, don’t they?

Again, nodes are the stage in life where we can live out our purpose. In the first half of his life (before his Uranus opposition) he was sensitive to seeing constant action without assessment by either the individual or the world. In the second half of his life, he is sensitive to seeing temptation all around him, where people are cautious—or not, more often. This world where people throw caution to the wind and succumb to temptation is due to Gate 12, which also happens to be where his conscious Sun shines.

Donald Trump’s Right Angle Cross of Eden…

…Articulating Conflict & Crisis Ideas

Trump’s conscious Earth is in the first line of Gate 11, the Gate of Ideas. Without the other side of the channel, this shows an insecurity, a mental anxiety that no one will value his ideas—the fear of anonymity. Trump likely recognizes that his success depends on being with others who share his goals, and has a gift of finding those who value his ideas.

Donald Trump was born when the Sun was in the second Quarter of the wheel, in gate 12, “Standstill”, the Gate of Caution. It’s one of three stop codons we have in the Human Design bodygraph.


Gate 12 has a tremendous mutative influence on on the collective. Gate 12 is part of the only channel in individual circuitry that is designed to speak for it. People with this Gate tend to have a rhythm to the way they speak that is unique, and it can have a subversiveness to it. This is a voice that says I know I can—if I’m in the mood. I know I can try—if I’m in the mood. This is a gate of caution; if Trump is not not in the mood, he will not try.

Now we’ve covered all four gates of Donald Trump’s Incarnation Cross—the Right Angle Cross of Eden 2 (12/11-36/6) . Trump is here to fulfill a personal destiny that has to do with the world of Form, being born in the Quarter of Civilization. This quarter is about material progress through manifestation, building structures so that humanity can survive, grow, prosper and thrive. Trump is a Right Angle profile—in the research and development department as far as costumes we wear in life. As a 1/3 “Investigative Martyr” his personal destiny pushes him to get to the bottom of things and discover through the school of hard knocks what doesn’t work.

What is Donald Trump’s Truth?

Where we find the truth of Donald Trump’s Human Design is in the Gate of Privacy, activated twice by Pluto, both consciously and unconsciously in the third line.

This third line is called “Spirit – The attitude that turns retreat into victory.” As with all I-Ching gates, there are two sides to the coin. Privacy can be a path to success for Trump, or he will be a “bridge burner” so driven to privacy that he will cut off his relationships, often abruptly. This gate gives Trump the voice of “I remember” and the business skill of Oversight—the ability to oversee the entire operation and make sure everything’s running smoothly.

Donald Trump’s Individual Dysfunction

Because Trump is a single definition and four undefined centers (two of them totally open) we can point out the themes of his individual dysfunction on the material plane, what we call in Human Design the “not-self” because these are receptive areas where we take in life. Through conditioning, these open centers become where the adaptive strategies that Trump’s mind uses to make decisions for him that lead into experiences resulting in frustration and anger due to the channels that define him. When Trump makes spontaneous decisions without caution, the satisfaction of a job well-done eludes him.

Trump’s Undefined Root – Always in a hurry

Trump can be in too much of a hurry. His mind is pressurized to start new experiences that can be confusing, creating awkward and sometimes embarrassing situations. His unconscious Mars is in 53, fixed detriment: “A tendency with early success to haste and imprudent action. The pressure based on success to be impatient for something new.” Trump and speaks of being at ease regardless of the situation, though this may come from delusion (conscious Mercury in 52 Line 6).

Trump’s Undefined Spleen – Lack of Flexibility

Trump has lack of flexibility that causes him to hold onto things that are not good for him.Conversely, because he does not know he needs to wait for emotional clarity, he could spontaneously let go of something that is good for him when someone else or a transit defines his Splenic Center.

Challenging authority (18 in both Neptunes, Unconscious Line 4, The Incompetent and Line 3, The Zealot) is something Trump does out of fear. Trump also has a fear of failure (32) and the fear of tomorrow (57).

When his Splenic Center is defined, Trump can smell talent (32 is the personnel manager). Trump can also hear a lie. Gate 57 brings him the penetrating, extraordinary power of intuition, which he has in one of those rare I-Ching lines that have no polarity. The 3rd line is called “Acuteness.” Exalted: “The perfected intelligence, where clarity eliminates doubt and ensures manifestation. The possibility of perfected intuition.”

Trump’s Open G – Role Confusion

Trump makes decisions with his mind that constantly searches for what to be, experiencing role confusion. This is clearly demonstrated in the many roles he’s played over the years in the search for his identity. Place is critical for Trump, and when he makes decisions with his mind it leads him to the wrong place, interacting with the wrong people, and then things tend to go awry.

Trump’s Open Head – Losing Focus

Last but not least, in a shadow state Trump’s totally open head center loses focus, as he amplifies the pressure to think about things that do not matter to him, not knowing what is truly inspirational and of benefit to humanity.

Each of these centers can be a rich source of wisdom in a being who is aligned with their authentic nature. But until life somehow drills into Donald Trump that what would work better for him is to wait to respond with patience, rather than initiating from his mind (his open center themes) we can continue to publicly witness his not-self in action. Thankfully, emotional people tend to mellow with time, and hopefully those who know Trump best can attest to that.

Trump’s Challenges & Signposts

Sheer frustration (and anger) are Trump’s signposts of incorrect decision making. The 45/21 and 35/36 provide Trump with a powerhouse of willful and emotional anger when operating incorrectly. When we see him in this resistant state, we know Trump has been guilty of initiating and trying to fix something from the mind—not being clear emotionally.

Trump’s challenge is that he has a continual cycle of starting new things and giving up because he does not listen to his body and allows his mind to run his life. Being a serial quitter due to extreme frustration is the result. His body knows what it can use its energy for to gain satisfaction, which in Trump’s case takes time to feel out his response through the cycles of his emotional waves. It is highly unlikely that anyone has ever coached him to wait for life to come to him and be patient and clear before moving forward. If they did, Trump didn’t listen. We would feel a very different frequency listening to this man speak if that were the case.

My Hope for Donald Trump…

Donald Trump has a tremendous capacity for intellectual development and the building of society as 1/3 Profile with the Cross of Eden. He could achieve his potential life purpose if he responds to what life brings him with emotional clarity to establish a secure foundation, using caution to be clear about manifesting ideas that establish a new order out of the old.

My Pessimism about Donald Trump…

The shadow side of Trump is that he is someone who can hugely impact the collective in a negative way. He could drag the U.S. into hurried, spontaneous decisions to try and secure a direction and identity for himself. Generating Crisis and Conflict, Trump doesn’t adhere to caution when sharing his ideas and opinions, losing focus, quitting when he gets frustrated or angry and withdrawing to throw a private pity party.

Donald Trump’s Childishness…

…a Deeply Conditioned Emotional Being

Any person with that much emotional definition in a not-self state behaves childishly. This can show up as emotional immaturity in the form of outbursts, tantrums, insults… you get the idea.

Observe the petulant set of his mouth. Hear the continual falsehoods and boasting, the blustering defiance and hurling of Tweeted insults. If this man were not exalted by the public due to his wealth, antics and epic failures, none of us would know of the name Donald Trump.

Children do not have the global awareness we learn to develop as conscious, mature adults. The way that Trump is designed to see when he is in the right place is called “Survival” which gets skewed to Wanting when he is not. I hope Trump knows he is here to see what is needed for the tribes to have a secure foundation and to survive the turbulence of our uncertain world. Not to try to fix anything, but to be motivated to generate and manifest in response to life through Hope.

If Donald Trump becomes the next President of the United States of America, I hope somehow the program will influence him to respond with patience. Discovering and following his true authority—the clarity of his emotional Solar Plexus generated response over time—can help ensure he is building what our world needs.

Trump is designed to be a profound and powerful source of Hope and energy to lead the tribes in building our world and manifesting a better future. Can he do it with clarity and bring about Eden? Or will he take us all along on a frustrated and failed business endeavor that will have a global impact?

Originally published on JovianArchive.com

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