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Human Design System Guide

Andrea Abay-Abay Certified Living Your Design Guide

Do you want to learn why and how to experiment with the mechanical keys that unlock your individual unique potential? Practical tips and strategies for living your design will be included that are specific to Projectors throughout this experience.

Andrea Abay-Abay, a 3/5 Energy Projector with Solar Plexus Authority on the Cross of Contagion, can creatively share her personal perspective and experiences with you in this LYD Awakening Program for Projectors. Learn from Andrea as she shares the results of her findings on how Human Design can provide a way for you to live your true nature.

In this online program, you’ll discover:

  • What Human Design is & How it Works
  • The 9 Centers and How they Function
  • The Aura Types and Strategies
  • The different kinds of Authority
  • How to Live Your Design

Essential principles Projectors need to grasp in order to successfully experiment with their Human Design Strategy and Authority in decision-making are covered in depth. Webinar Sessions are interactive and recorded for your convenience.

Completion of this program qualifies you to take the next foundation course in Human Design, Rave ABCs.

This Living Your Human Design Awakening Program is for Projectors only, who are ready to discover their individual potential. If you’ve had a reading by an HD Analyst, you’re invited!

Why only Projectors?

There is a frequency that each individual Aura carries. When Ra Uru Hu originally taught the LYD Guide class he strongly encouraged Guides to serve their Type.

As a fellow Projector, Andrea knows what it feels like to be a Projector, where you are coming from and how to communicate with you what you need to know to have the best shot at living your design.

Ra also recommended that the LYD be conducted differently for each Type.  Every Type is very different from each other; not only in their Strategy and Authority but also the way in they operate and learn.

Projectors need to have guidance in looking at the charts of other people in order to understand and see themselves in the other, why and how they are conditioned by them.

During this program you’ll take a look at the charts of the people closest to you, so that you can better understand their Type and your interactions.

Email support is offered during class process and an extra one-on-one session is provided a month after program completion to connect and answer any questions that may have come up about your journey.

Benefits of this Awakening Program:

Personal mentoring by a fellow Projector gives exposure to the frequency of an LYD Guide who is your Type

Interaction with other Projectors (if in group class) and private FB group for firsthand accounts and experiences of what it is like to decondition and learn to live your design

Practical tips for Living Your Design that are specific to Projectors

Time for live instruction as well as to answer questions, looking at your chart and the charts of those close to you and sharing of experiences.

Webinar recordings covering all of the Living Your Design material, including full color pdfs of the slides

Schedule we’ll follow for this LYD Program (approx 60 min lecture and 30 min Q&A sessions):

Session 1 – Personal Introductions Live & Q & A!

Required watching before or after – A Call to Human Design Projectors to Live Your Design

Session 2 – Pressure

The Pressure Centers – Head & Root

Session 3 – Awareness

The Splenic & Ajna Awareness Centers

Session 4 – Energy, Emotions and Willpower

The Solar Plexus, Ego and Sacral Centers

Session 5 – Direction, Love, Expression, Metamorphosis, Types of Definition

The G Center, Throat Center, & Definition Examples

Session 6 – Authority

The Eleven Authorities & Authority Hierarchy

Session 7 – Energy Types

Manifestors, Generators

Session 8 – Non-Energy Types

Projectors, Reflectors and further resources for study

One month after completion of this program you may schedule your one-on-one follow up session. For emotionally defined people in particular, this bonus session is very helpful to have, to answer questions that come up after the class completion. There is no additional cost for this session and it is optional – free session bonus offer expires 3 months from class completion.

Prerequisite: There are no Pre-Requisites for this Course
Required Reading: Living Your Design Student Manual available from your National Human Design Organization.

If you’re ready, I hope you can join me!

Ready to begin your Human Design Experiment?

You’re Invited to Experiment with your Human Design

Next Group Program:

Tuesdays 5pm Pacific
Group fee is $350. Installment payments available if needed, please inquire.

Private Program:

LYD can be completed in two days in person in the Mount Shasta, CA area.

Private fee (online or in person) is $500, includes 3 months of email support and a one-on-one session a month after completion.

To sign up now, or join the first group session free, please email andrea@humandesignprojectors.com

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