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Human Design

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A 3/5 Energy Projector with Emotional Authority on the Cross of Contagion’s Personal Perspective*

by Andrea Abay-Abay


The journey I’m inspired to share is one of personal inquiry and experimentation using the most powerful tool for the awakening process – the Human Design System.

Do you want to consult a Certified Human Design Analyst or even possibly, be one? What if you could, for a fraction of the money, effort, and time, obtain an unauthorized certification – would you choose that instead? Would you knowingly choose someone to conduct your reading or classes who didn’t have the “approved” qualifications, if you knew there was a difference?

Several years ago, I didn’t know there was a difference when I paid for my first reading on a recommendation from a friend. Then I researched and had to face those same questions, myself.

My Human Design Study Materials

My Human Design Books =)

Initially, I studied everything I could find online that was free or low-cost, regardless of the source – Human Design is Human Design, isn’t it?

In my obsession, I experienced consumer confusion. Before I realized there was a difference, I came across people teaching HD without certifications. In addition to the dozen books I now have on Human Design by Ra, I also read several unofficial books and have listened to their authors speak and teach.

Traditional science doesn’t have an “official” version. However, as the Science of Differentiation, Human Design is a large, complex set of transmitted knowledge. Each person can investigate by means of the scientific method of systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses to eventually experience life as themselves, or not.

Following my insatiable thirst for Human Design knowledge lead me to investigate everything I could find. As a Projector I was looking for the best Human Design education I could find at an affordable price. I chose to delve deeply into the Jovian Archive Media Library and use the Maia Mechanics Imaging software. I found all most people would ever need to know about Human Design from the wide variety of approved sources for free or very low cost. After a few readings with a Certified Analyst, one for myself and one for my daughter, I was drawn to begin my formal educational journey of Foundational classes with Human Design America.

The biggest difference between all educational sources is how well they understand the theories involved and how well they apply them. Because we are human, there can be slight to significant variations between sources.

What’s the difference?

The difference I found between the authentic version of this material as taught by Ra / carried on by Certified Human Design professionals and what other people teach can vary and is out of the scope of this article. However, I do want to bring up two points that apply across the board. Those points are: original languaging and the time/depth required for certification.

There is a very specific format and frequency of the words chosen to describe the concepts in Human Design. Words are vibrations; the particular communication structure carried the essence of the knowledge that the Voice transmitted through Ra.

If you ever played the game “telephone” as a child you know the distortion that can happen when a message is passed on from one person to the next.

Everyone who studies under Ra, live or via recordings, has the advantage of hearing the information one step away from what the Voice delivered.  Everyone who learns from Ra’s students has a little bit more noise in the signal. I chose to learn this information from as close to the source as possible and obtain certifications from those who agree to teach Ra’s transmission of the Human Design System to minimize the noise. Learning Human Design is like learning a whole new language; so many words holding such precise meanings!

Ra Uru Hu

Photo Credit: JovianArchive.com

This system gained popularity because the information as Ra structured it seemed to be very accurate to those who tested it. In order for each of us to reach full differentiation, we explore all pertinent aspects as we are ready and test further. Differentiation is a lifelong process of learning and discovering through our unique ways of inquiring into the knowledge, while seeing and sharing what we’ve experienced so far.

I ultimately sourced my learning from Jovian Archive and the licensed organizations for certifications in the Human Design System as I wanted the purity and profundity of the knowledge to impact me at the highest levels. So I chose to focus on the authentic languaging of the material, in the manner and timeframe as Ra Uru Hu initiated.

Ra never wanted any of his students to parrot him – he wanted them to have an inquiry into the energetics of the meaning behind the words and express it in their unique ways. You can find this magnificent system shared by people all over the planet. There are fifteen National organizations, in addition to Jovian Archive and the IHDS, with systems and agreements in place to ensure the integrity of the knowledge so as to limit the noise on the line.

Photo Credit: JovianArchive.com

Human Design Organizations

This educational structure has the highest likelihood of producing Analyst competency. Once certified, Human Design Professionals  conduct their HD art according to their individual unique awareness. We agree not to modify, add other belief structures, or change the system to make it different and pass on as our intellectual property.

Please know that I am not judging anyone who chooses to source their learning from an alternate path. The Human Design System is all about decision-making as you, and accepting yourself and others for who they are.

The dilemma is, by using terminology that confuses consumers, in non-approved sources marketing their version of “Human Design” they can misrepresent the system. Without standards to ensure adherence to the authenticity of the knowledge, with consumers not knowing the difference, it can tarnish the reputation of all Human Design Professionals and the System itself.

Just as there are systems in place to ensure that when you go to an acupuncturist, they have the qualifications to practice Chinese medicine, so too are systems in place to ensure that Certified Human Design Analysts are vetted.

Awareness comes from aligning with what is our unique truth. Society can get so caught up in impatience, looking for shortcuts and instant gratification. Witness the Not-Self justifications, rationalizations, and lies at work. Mind likes to convince people to go the easy way, creating a web so deep that often the person caught up in it has no idea they are a victim of it.

My mind initially balked at the time and energy commitment, as well as the price tag of a formal, approved Human Design education. These anxieties, as well as my fears of inadequacy and failure, were eventually overcome by my Strategy and Authority. Conducting my Human Design Experiment led me to relax into the knowing that spending the time and energy to become a Human Design Professional the authorized way was correct for me – and be able to accept the process.

The amount of educational time required by approved certification standards is significant. As a Certified Analyst, (the very initial level of being able to give readings) there’s also a 3.5 year minimum of following your Strategy and Authority. This timeframe is exactly half of the first seven years of deconditioning, the time it takes to turn the tide of Not-Self behavior and allow you to be able to resonate to your correct frequency more consistently. Your cells need to have time to clear out the old patterns and operate from correctness.

In order for the transmission of a reading to have the highest impact, an Analyst needs to speak from a place of authenticity. Speaking with personal authority from a deep understanding of the Human Design System, through the uniqueness of their design brings an awareness of what it’s like to operate correctly more often than not. This resonance of uniqueness transmits to the client as the Analyst provides an example of the possibility of living as themselves to experience the amazing effects of a life lived correctly.

Checking in with my Authority

Solar Plexus Defined Human Design

Solar Plexus Emotional Authority

Ultimately, it all came down to my personal authority. Who I chose to give my time, attention and energy needed to be correct for me. With my emotional authority, it took me taking a lot of different readings and classes over time to find out which person was correct for me.  My choices for Human Design education supports who I resonate with and decide are the best teachers for me. Everyone is so different from each other. That’s the beauty of this profound knowledge – how it can be available to support us all in aligning to our designs – thus being in movement towards fulfilling our purpose through our Incarnation Cross and profile.

At times, especially the first few years of my experiment, I found it truly challenging to let go of mind and follow my personal authority. Now, in doing so, I feel what is correct for me unfolding.

The only thing that matters is each of us living according to our truth. My hope in sharing my journey with you is that you come to the place where you too can trust your decisions, live with awareness and experience fulfillment.

How’s your Human Design Educational Journey?

*This is my personal perspective and experience. Special thanks to Kipp White, (5/1 Manifesting Generator with Emotional Authority on the Cross of Informing) a Master’s student in Acupuncture and a fellow HD student/advocate for his valuable responses to help me craft this article.

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