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Originally published on JovianArchive.com

The first seven years of life is a time when you received intense conditioning. Conditioning is a natural and normal process that happens throughout your life.

Knowing how the outside world conditions you, and becoming aware of conditioning influences and conditioned behaviors, is crucial in transforming your awareness and increasing the likelihood of leading an authentic, fulfilling life.


What is Conditioning?

Simply put, conditioning is what happens when the open areas in you are energized by outside forces and cause you to see and react to the world around you in a particular way.

As you grow up in this world of constant conditioning from outside forces, you are helpless to stop it. Conditioning comes from your parents, your family, your friends, your school system, your media, your lovers, your society, your religion, your country, your solar system….

Conditioning is happening everywhere, all the time. All of those forces bring energy into your openness, and you may lose yourself in the experiences and influences of this energy that is not consistent in you, of this energy that is not you.

You Cannot Escape Conditioning

You will never get rid of conditioning. We all experience it. Like everything in Human Design, it is neither good nor bad, it simply is.

Your mind develops ways of behaving in relation to the openness, which conditions your mind’s decision-making process. Most people on this planet are using their minds to make decisions, which is what you were told to do too, right?


The Gift of Openness

When you are operating correctly from the energy that is unique and reliable within you, openness is a gift. It gives you the opportunity to learn to become wise about outside forces that you encounter in this life.

Openness within us tends to amplify and distort outside energies, and when you are not operating correctly, openness can cause you to make decisions that are not true to your energy and uniqueness.

What is the ‘Not-Self’?

Not-Self behaviors are rooted in strategies that your mind develops in order to try to become, change, fix or deal with the openness. For example, things like proving yourself, pretending to be certain, avoiding confrontation and truth or holding on to things that aren’t good for you.

Aptly named, the ‘not-self’ consists of a set of behaviors that are predictable, depending on your particular Human Design. What can happen is that ‘not-self’ mind chatter can arise from the openness and take you away from your true self.

In other words, your mind can develop habitual internal dialogue, comparing yourself with others and outside expectations, which can cause you to agonize about what you ‘should’ do, or who you’d rather be. Your mind’s self-talk can then lead to decision-making based on that inconsistent energy present in your openness – witness the ‘not-self’ in action!

Your ‘Not-Self’ Mind

Your ‘not-self’ mind can place emphasis on what you think (or what others think) is best for you, and then your mind makes ‘not-self’ decisions based on those thoughts. Any time you make decisions with your conditioned mind, you lose touch with your true self.

2When you live your life out of not-self conditioning, based on what your mind is attracted to, pulled towards and conditioned by – in other words, what is NOT YOU – your decisions will be out of alignment with your Human Design.

When you make decisions due to outside energy that is not consistent within you nor in alignment with the energy that is unique to you, this can be the source of a great deal of frustration, bitterness, disappointment and anger in your life.



“You take control of your own life by becoming your own authority. There is no other way.”
Ra Uru Hu

What is Deconditioning?

‘Deconditioning’ is a seven-year process of cellular renewal while transferring decision making from your mind, to where it belongs, which is your own authority – one of seven possible authorities we have for decision making.

In order to bypass the ‘not-self’ traps of a deeply conditioned mind and avoid using it to make decisions, you learn to follow a simple strategy unique to your Human Design Type and honor your own authority instead.

The process of deconditioning is simple, but by no means is it easy. It takes making a decision to learn more about your Human Design, and dedication and determination to experiment with this knowledge over time to see how it can work for you.

Living your Human Design is a life-transforming and highly personal journey that gives you insight into how the not-self undermines true satisfaction, success, peace and surprise in your life.

Become aware of and witness how your mind operates when it attempts to control your life. Follow your Human Design strategy and honor your own authority, so you can eventually uncover your true self to live the life you are perfectly designed to live.

Wouldn’t you like to walk down the path of fulfilling your own unique possibilities, to live as your authentic self and live out your true purpose in life?

You are invited to find out more about your own Human Design for free at myBodygraph.com.

2Your mind can be entertained by teaching it to watch the way your not-self works, and distracted from trying to control your life. So check out the educational resources below if you want to take a positive step forward in the development of your consciousness.


“We’re healing our personalities. We’re refining them by educating them. This is how you develop awareness.” Ra Uru Hu

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