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My Human Design Experiment

What is Human Design and where did it come from?

By December 7, 2014 No Comments

An Invitation into Human Design


In this video, I share a little of my story, what Human Design is, how it came into the world. I also cover some of the basic concepts in Human Design. I share some of how Human Design works and why we need to experiment with it. Human Design helps us live out our true nature, by providing us with a way to understand ourselves and make decisions that are correct for us.

If you are ready to take the next step into learning how to live your Human Design, a Living Your Design Awakening Program is the best way to be guided through the details of your Human Design. This program allows you to learn the basics over time and integrate the knowledge from your Human Design Reading into your being, so that you know WHY and HOW to experiment with the knowledge.


LYD guides are from 39 countries worldwide. If you’d like to take a Living Your Design with me, here’s the details on my upcoming class for Projectors and Manifestors only.

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