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“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Dr Seuss

No one on Earth

Is you-er than You

Boy, is that ever so true!


But it’s also so

From head to toe

That you can be “not-you” too.


Not-you? Don’t do!

You’re here to be you

Expression of the Gene Pool


Look deep within

We all begin

Obeying mind like a Fool.


Our mind’s a trap

‘bout this and that

Deciding so it can look cool


But that’s not the way

To act out life’s play

For us to fight our own rules!


“What rules?” you say

“I want to play!”

Then gather close for the game


Come play your part

It is an art

For we are not all the same


You want to win?

Here now, dig in

Just use your Authorities’


Decisions make

A piece of cake

Of life’s big moralities


A Strategy’s

The key, you see

To know when it’s time to choose


The Aura shows

Your energy flow

Stick with it and you can’t loose.


Handle with care

Costume you wear

Profile is how you be you


Human Design

With time, you’ll find

Guides you to see what is True.

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