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Human Design Deconditioning Experiment

My Human Design Awakening, Part 3

By August 26, 2014 No Comments
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My Human Design Awakening Continued…

Now I know how to wait.  

My waiting is interesting, it is active.  

I am never bored as I watch my movie.  

I am actively waiting.  

Waiting for clarity.  

Waiting for fulfillment.  

Waiting for the perfect timing of movement.

This looks like a more introspective me in conversations, with far more patience when it comes to big decisions.  I know to wait – not to try to force anything or figure things out – though putting it into practice is much easier said than done, and I consistently catch my mind as I fall into old patterns of behaving.

I know to hold back from jumping in to answer other’s questions without being asked.

I know to restrain from doing things without being asked.

And I know that I don’t have to do everything that people ask me in order to prove myself.

I know these things, but breaking the habits of my “Not-Self” way of being takes time, and I’m not there yet when it comes to the everyday patterns of my life. I’ll be blogging about my experience and discoveries of what it is really like to fully commit to this experiment.

Where are you at in your Human Design Experiment?


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